Viewly is a decentralized YouTube

It's powered by the blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing.

The problem

The incentives between content creators, their viewers and advertisers are inherently misaligned. Viewers are bombarded with pesky ads. Creators sacrifice their substance for views. Advertisers lose due to inefficiencies in reach and rampant ad-fraud.

The solution

A decentralized video platform for creators, by creators. Creators build their tribe of dedicated fans, and receive Patreon like support trough frictionless micropayments and subscriptions. Creators can also sign sponsorship deals that are in-line with their fanbase best interests—with the on-chain escrow and no middleman.

  • No pesky ads

  • No middlemen

  • Blockchain powered

Screenshot of the desktop website

Why Viewly?

We're building Viewly because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to share their creative work, discover their fans and get paid, without corporate middleman, pesky ads or personal privacy invasion.

A decentralized people powered system
How it works

Run by the people, for the people

Viewly operates as a decentralized organization with no middlemen. The revenue and cost savings from this setup are passed back to creators and fans.

Some of the new technologies we use:

  • Smart contracts on the blockchain
  • PoA: Proof of Availability
  • P2P Video Sharing and IPFS
  • WebAssembly, WebRTC
  • VP9, DASH (Adaptive Streaming)

Centralized video platforms

Current video platforms sit between advertisers, creators and fans, and are a source of major inefficiencies, due to the one-sided profit optimizations.

Viewly's decentralized platform

Fans and businesses can directly connect with creators on Viewly to fund creative work. The alignment of incentives makes everyone better off.

New revenue models

Content creators on Viewly are independent parties, directly rewarded by their fans and sponsors.

Recurring patronage

Creators build the community of supporters, who commit recurring monthly pledges in a pay what you want manner. Creators can set levels that unlock certain rewards, such as access to the inner community or private channel.

Rewards for likes

Viewers can set up a weekly budget to give to creators, and engage in natural patterns of liking and sharing. Funds are automatically distributed in accordance to the upvoting activity.

Private channels

Creators enjoy stable, recurring income by providing access to their special catalogue of content to their most loyal fans. Its like Patreon meets Netflix.

Creator delivered endorsements

Sponsors can reach out to creators and their audiences, and propose sponsorship deals. Endorsements are performed by creators themselves, ensuring alignment of incentives. With on-chain escrow.

Antifragile by design

Viewly's decentralized network becomes faster, and more capable with every peer-to-peer node that joins. Long term video storage is incentivized by the on-chain hosting marketplace. The network is antrifragile by design—the bigger it gets, the better it runs.


A sneak peek of the app

Screenshots of the mobile app

The team

Stefan Furlan

Business & Organization

Stefan holds a PhD in computer science and is a serial entrepreneur, having served as a CEO of several start-up companies. Stefan has co-founded Optilab, a fin-tech company that developed a sophisticated AI for insurance fraud detection.

David Waslen

Business & Legal

Dave is a Corporate finance, governance and structuring specialist. He is providing executive management and business operations expertise to Viewly. Dave has economics and engineering degrees from Dartmouth College and an MBA from London Business School.

Uros Jurglic

Product & Development

Uros is a senior software engineer with extensive startup experience. Uros has co-founded Printbox, the biggest print kiosk network in Europe.

Denko Mancheski

Product & Development

A senior software engineer and project leader in Vertex, a video broadcast solution company, and Adel, a blockchain incubator company.


Backend Development

Before joining Viewly, furion was a community developer contributing to Steem's ecosystem.

Jure Koren

Infrastructure & Development

Jure is building highly available services and implementing devops doctrines. Before joining Viewly, Jure helped Zemanta, a global ad-tech company.

Romina Kavcic


Romina is a design strategist with invaluable experience from Xamarin, Stellar, Chipolo and Databox. She is an alumni of the University of Ljubljana.

Munly Leong


Before joining Viewly, Munly helped two notable crypto projects: Enjin and Etherparty. He's also a passionate game developer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Munly holds a software engineering degree from University of Advancing Technology.

Tudor Ozy

Community Management

Tudor is a good listener and will help you when you are in trouble. He has a background in software engineering, and a community at heart.

Partners and advisors

Charlie Shrem

Blockchain advisor and community evangelist

Charlie founded BitInstant and currently serves as Chief Operating officer of Jaxx (of Jaxx Wallet fame). He was also a co-founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation serving as its vice chairman up to 2014. Charlie is one of the veterans and a legend of the Bitcoin community.

Vasja Zupan

Digital currencies, blockchain & digital media strategy

Vasja Zupan is the COO at Bitstamp, the EU’s first fully licensed digital currency exchange. Prior to this, Vasja spent 11 years at Central European Media Enterprises (, the leading NASDAQ-listed CEE broadcaster, where he was the Joint Head of the Internet Division. Under his supervision, CME built a series of leading regional news and TV content related websites in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

Bob Chandra

Product & Marketing

Bob Chandra is a product and marketing specialist, having spent 17 years in high-tech, most recently with, where he served as a Senior Manager responsible for North America operations for the largest marketing channel online, measured by revenue. Prior, he co-managed a team of marketers and engineers at @WalmartLabs, driving innovation in's product discovery experience. Earlier, Chandra joined Twitter's Growth unit (pre-IPO) where he built Twitter's first organic search marketing analytics.

Shane Luis (@rerez)

Multimedia Specialist

Shane is an entertainment multimedia specialist. Skilled in search engine optimization, branding, marketing and advertising strategies. Shane is a founding member of Screenwave Media, one of the largest YouTube MCNs in the world. He is also the creator and host of the YouTube series Rerez which features his encyclopedic knowledge of the gaming industry. He brings first hand knowledge of what successful video producers look for in video distribution platforms.

Pon Kattera

Design & Branding

Formerly a Design Director at R/GA New York, and Warby Parker.

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