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The problem


Most creators struggle to get going and sustain themselves on ad revenue. They only receive a fraction of value they create. Their ad revenue can disappear overnight due to arbitrary decisions made by middleman platforms.

Pesky ads

Ad-based platforms distract us with intrusive ads and promote binge watching in order to increase their revenue. This sacrifices viewer experience and privacy, benefitting only the middleman platforms.

Expensive content delivery

The primary cost of incumbent video platforms is global content delivery. This cost is unfairly passed on to creators. Quality content creators pay hosting and storage for all the content that isn’t creating any value.

The solution

Direct support

Viewly provides vote-based tipping, recurring payments from fans and business-sponsored endorsements. All of the revenue flows through the blockchain, secure and safe from middlemen. Creators can start earning right away, as long as they bring value to their audience.

Ad free

Viewly aims to be ad free, removing the incentives to track users or manipulate their attention. It facilitates engagement and gives creators a chance to build a community of fans and engage with them in a more meaningful way.


Viewly reduces cost of video delivery by using a peer-to-peer content delivery network. It is a decentralized network that users can join to earn VIEW tokens by leveraging their redundant resources and hosting videos.

Why blockchain?

Trustless, instant payments

Most platforms act as a middleman, controlling the revenue and passing it on to creators weeks after it is generated. Creators have no option but to trust them with their money, and trust they do business in the best interest of the community. Viewly's monetization is decentralized, powered by blockchain and smart contracts. Payments are executed directly between supporting fans or businesses, and creators. They are instant, trustless and permissionless. Viewly users are always in control of their money.

Content distribution incentives

Viewly uses VIEW tokens to incentivize people with extra storage and bandwidth capacity to participate in Viewly peer-to-peer content delivery network (P2P CDN). By running Viewly nodes that host and stream videos, anyone can utilize his or her redundant resources and get rewarded with VIEW tokens.

Treasury-sponsored community projects

Viewly reserves a share of VIEW tokens for community projects, providing opportunities for community members to get involved in marketing, development or support of the platform. After a project proposal is submitted, a transparent, on-chain voting decides which projects get the green light. Anyone holding VIEW tokens will be able to participate in the voting process and help Viewly evolve in the right direction.

Decentralized autonomous organization

Viewly’s long-term goal is to evolve into a full-fledged DAO. Both decentralized technology and governance processes are still under heavy development and experimentation. As we want to get to the market as soon as possible, we will be introducing decentralized platform layers gradually. Starting with content monetization layer and continuing with P2P CDN, both backed by VIEW token. Final stage will be migrating the organizational structure into DAO with treasury, on-chain governance and core team as well as community workers employed through the blockchain.

Download the documents

Viewly Whitepaper
.pdf (3.3 MB)


Viewly will allow me to create and share content while monetizing my videos without worrying about third party advertising rates.

Shane Luis

I'm excited about the opportunity for freedom of expression combined with fair compensation that Viewly offers for video creators.

Jack Limberis
Animation Director

The team

Stefan Furlan
Business & Organization

Stefan was the founder, partner or director of several startups in data science, analytics and blockchain space, including Dodona Analytics, Unblock Technology, Behaviour Exchange and Optilab. Stefan holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Ljubljana.

David Waslen
Business & Legal

A corporate finance, governance and structuring specialist with economics and engineering degrees from Dartmouth College as well as an MBA from London Business School. Dave will be providing executive management and business operations expertise.

Uros Jurglic
Product & Development

A senior software engineer with startup skills. Uros worked for international companies like Scholastic and HoneycombTV, and founded several startups. He was the co-founding CTO of Printbox, the biggest print kiosk network in Europe. Uros holds a BSc in computer science from the University of Ljubljana.

Denko Mancheski
Product & Development

An experienced software engineer, Denko brings video development experience into the team. Before joining Viewly, he was a senior software engineer and project lead in Vertex, a video broadcast solution company, and Adel, a blockchain incubator.


An experienced software engineer, Furion brings blockchain development experience into the team. Before joining Viewly, Furion was a community developer who contributed to Steem's ecosystem and Steemit platform.

Jure Koren
Infrastructure & Development

Jure has spent over a decade as IT infrastructure engineer working for various clients, including global ad-tech leader Zemanta. He served both as a developer and a systems administrator, mainly focusing on high availability and scaling solutions.

Tudor Ozy
Community Management

Tudor is a good listener and will help you whenever he can. He has a background in software engineering, and is passionate about building Viewly community.

Marko Stojkoski
Community Management

Marko is an account management professional who prides himself on delivering outstanding one-to-one service. After studying Informatics and Communication Technologies at the University Kliment Ohridski — Bitola, Marko put his skills to use, embarking on a career working as a community manager as well as managing sales and operations for retail and online market spaces.


Charlie Shrem
Business & Cryptocurrencies

Charlie is most known for founding BitInstant, one of the earliest and most high-profile Bitcoin companies for facilitating Bitcoin retail transactions. Charlie currently serves as Jaxx’s Chief Operating Officer. Prior to this role, Charlie served in a similar capacity at Decentral Toronto and Business Development at Payza. Charlie also founded the Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit to standardize and advocate for Bitcoin in 2012 and served as its vice-Chairman in 2014.

Vasja Zupan
Cryptocurrencies & Media Strategy

Vasja Zupan is the COO at Bitstamp, the EU’s first fully licensed digital currency exchange. Prior to this, Vasja spent 11 years at Central European Media Enterprises, the leading NASDAQ-listed CEE broadcaster, where he was the Joint Head of the Internet Division. Under his supervision, CME built a series of leading regional news and TV content related websites in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

Bob Chandra
Product & Marketing

Bob Chandra is a product and marketing specialist, having spent 17 years in high-tech, most recently with, where he served as a senior manager responsible for North America operations for the largest marketing channel online as measured by revenue. Prior he managed a team of marketers and engineers at @WalmartLabs, driving innovation in's product discovery experience. Earlier, Chandra joined Twitter's Growth unit where he built Twitter's first organic search marketing analytics.

Shaishav Todi
Strategic advisor

Shaishav is a Founding Partners at Signal Ventures, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency funds of 2017 which specialises in investing in early stage Blockchain startups as well as Token Sale Consulting. As an evangelist and early investor in the cryptocurrency space, Shaishav has provided valuable advice and insight to a leading number of teams working in the blockchain space. Shaishav was a technology entrepreneur prior to the advent of bitcoin and brings with him considerable knowledge on growth strategies, user experience, tokenomics and partnership building. Shaishavs previous investments include 0x Protocol, Zilliqa, EOS, Blocktix, Kyber Network, Republic Protocol, Civic, Request Network, IoTex, Origin Protocol, Matrix AI, Selfkey, Wanchain, Decentraland and Tenx.

Shane Luis
Multimedia & Content

Shane is an entertainment multimedia specialist. Skilled in search engine optimization, branding, marketing and advertising strategies. Shane is a founding member of Screenwave Media, one of the largest YouTube MCNs in the world. He is also the creator and host of the video series Rerez which features his encyclopedic knowledge of the gaming industry. He brings first hand knowledge of what successful video producers look for in video distribution platforms.

Pon Kattera
Design & Branding

Pon specializes in design, user experience, and prototyping. Formerly a Design Director at companies such as R/GA New York and Warby Parker. Pon also has a degree in Commerce and Information Technology from The Australian National University.

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